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30 de March de 2023
The best plans for an Easter Week in Region of Murcia
In this article of the Santa Rosalia Like and Life Resort blog we will propose plans to do in Easter Week

The Region of Murcia is the perfect destination to celebrate Easter and enjoy an atmosphere full of traditions, celebrations and customs. With its processions, typical food and unique landscapes, the Region of Murcia offers multiple options to live an unforgettable experience during these dates.

Live the processions in the Region of Murcia

One of the most outstanding events during Holy Week in the Region of Murcia are the processions, among which there are some more famous and important ones, such as the one that takes place on Palm Sunday in order to start the Holy Week and in commemoration of the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

The procession of the reds in Murcia, also known as “Los Coloraos”, is the most joyful of all, and in it the members of the brotherhood not only hand out candies but also give away beans to the spectators. Another well-known and peculiar procession is that of the Silencio, which takes place on the night of Holy Thursday, and in which a respectful and solemn silence is maintained during the entire route that accompanies it, without any type of music or sound other than “the Saetas in silence” that at some point its members sing.

Outdoor activities and historical routes

If what you want is to disconnect in nature and you are a lover of sport, the Senda de los Moriscos is a different hiking route to the usual ones, which will take you through the Ricote Valley with beautiful views and spectacular scenery of the Region of Murcia. It is a route along the old paths used by the Moors in medieval times, so it is also an activity with history.

Gastronomic delights of the Peñas Huertanas

Gastronomy is another of the strong points of the Region of Murcia and, at Easter, the “peñas huertanas” are set up at various points in the towns, so that all food lovers can enjoy the most typical dishes of the region, such as a Murcian salad, paparajotes or torrijas. You can also take a tapa route in the city and taste some Murcian delicacies in the bars and restaurants that are located in the city.

An aperitif in the Plaza de las Flores

Finally, you can not miss the Plaza de las Flores during Easter in Murcia, as this square is one of the most emblematic places of the city and during the festival season is the ideal place to have an aperitif on a terrace and, of course, surrounded by the best atmosphere.

In short, visiting the Region of Murcia at Easter is an excellent opportunity to get to know some of the most beautiful and ancient customs of the region. With its processions, historic hiking trails, exquisite gastronomy and beautiful landscapes, Murcia offers you a dynamic and unparalleled experience during these dates.