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26 de June de 2022
Disney to build residential communities with Crystal Lagoons | Santa Rosalia-linked company
Have you ever wondered what a Disney park in a residential community would be like?

Disney aims to build residential communities as if they were cities where you can live and enjoy all its services and amenities using the high technology crystal lagoons and offering a personalized approach with the style of their dream parks to live in a Disney world full of fantasy every day, designed by their creative staff with the peace of mind you deserve from your home.

Location and amenities

The location of the residential communities to be built in the city of Rancho Mirage in California’s Coachella Valley will be a residential community with 1,900 homes clustered around a large oasis.

The new model of Disney’s residential communities will have all kinds of luxuries, including shops and restaurants, as well as a hotel strategically located in front of the beach where all kinds of entertainment activities will be held during all months of the year, maintaining its essence. Each element of these communities will have a story behind it.

Crystal Lagoons, the highest technology used by Disney and Santa Rosalia

Disney’s residential model has its main attraction in an artificial lake using the same technology as in Santa Rosalia, so the crystal lagoons technology will be the one used by Disney for the construction of its new Coachella resort.

Disney is known for bringing magic and excitement to people, so these new residential communities will carry the essence of Disney, with spectacular theming being a key element. The French company is always looking to offer an impressive emotion and for this reason, they have chosen crystal lagoon technology for their new installations.

It is an idyllic residential model created by Disney with an artificial lake of crystalline waters based on efficiency determined by its performance and water consumption. It has a hundred times less additives compared to traditional systems, and consumes only 2% of the energy due to its filtration system that renews the water itself.

Santa Rosalia Like and Life Resort also has this technology thanks to Crystal Lagoons, with an artificial lake in the resort, where you can enjoy some water sports, relax with the family and have a refreshing drink contemplating the huge lake.