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4 de July de 2023
Crystal Lagoons: A sustainable solution to the water crisis
Discover how Crystal Lagoons is revolutionising water management with its sustainable technology! Their crystal clear lagoons and PAL™ projects are changing the way we enjoy paradisiacal environments, all in an environmentally friendly and globally recognised way!

Crystal Lagoons: Sustainable technology for water efficiency

Crystal Lagoons has made significant contributions to addressing the water crisis by introducing sustainable technology that promotes the efficient use and management of water resources. This innovative technology makes it possible to create beach-like paradise environments anywhere in the world, while respecting the environment.

One of the outstanding features of Crystal Lagoons’ crystal clear lagoons is their remarkably low water consumption. Regardless of their size, these lagoons are filled only once and then operate in a closed circuit. They capture water during the rainy months, compensating for natural evaporation, and during the dry months, water consumption is used only to compensate for evaporation loss.

This sustainable solution is exemplified by the fact that Crystal Lagoons lagoons use up to 33 times less water than a golf course and 100 times less chemicals than conventional swimming pool or water treatment technologies. In addition, the lagoons’ ultrasonic filtration system uses only 2% of the energy consumed by traditional pool filtration systems. These extraordinary figures not only contribute to water conservation, but also promote carbon neutrality in various economic and social activities.

PAL™ Developments: Paradisiacal beaches in urban areas with minimal environmental impact

Crystal Lagoons’ Public Access Lagoons™ (PAL™) development projects are revolutionising cities by bringing beach-like environments, with turquoise waters and white sands, to urban areas. As a result, these projects have the potential to reduce approximately 50% of car and air travel to coastal destinations and natural beaches worldwide, which collectively emit around 35 million tonnes of CO2 annually.

The environmental highlights of Crystal Lagoons’ PAL™ developments have been recognised with prestigious awards. In 2022, Public Access Lagoons™ projects received the “Champion of Champions” award at the Green World Awards, in recognition of their contribution to the promotion of carbon neutrality in various economic sectors and social activities. In addition, Crystal Lagoons’ PAL™ developments were honoured with the Green World Environment Award and the Green Apple Award in 2021, further highlighting the ecological importance of these projects.

Crystal Lagoons’ commitment to sustainable technology and dedication to creating eco-friendly developments has positioned the company as a leader in water conservation and environmental stewardship. Through its innovative approach, Crystal Lagoons continues to provide solutions that address the water crisis while offering people the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of pristine waters and beaches while minimising their carbon footprint.

In conclusion Crystal Lagoons’ sustainable technology and PAL™ developments play a vital role in combating the water crisis by promoting responsible water management and carbon neutrality. The company’s innovative approach not only reduces water consumption and chemical use, but also brings similar environments to beaches and urban areas, reducing the need to travel long distances to coastal destinations. Crystal Lagoons’ remarkable achievements have been recognised with prestigious environmental awards, further strengthening its position as a leader in sustainable solutions. With Crystal Lagoons’ contributions, we are moving closer to a more water-efficient and environmentally conscious future.