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17 de November de 2021
Best Activities to do in the Mar Menor
The Mar Menor is the bigest salt lagoon in Europe. It belongs to the Region of Murcia and his Mediterranean climate invites you to visit it.

Activities to do in the Mar Menor

If you are thinking of visiting the Mar Menor, you should know that there are a lot of things to do:

1. Go for a sailboat ride

The Mar Menor has a huge coastline, exactly 73 kilometres where you can navigate safely from a sailboat, but if you prefer something active because you are an athlete, we recommend something that will be great for you:

2. A kayak ride

That’s right, the Mar Menor has many routes that you can visit in kayak. It does not matter if you don’t have one, because there are a lot of companies where you can rent them. In addition, they will tell you which are the best routes.

3. Trekking

People knows the Mar Menor as a vacation place with good beaches and weather, but the truth is that there are also many well-marked hiking trails. In Mar Menor you can find beach and mountain at the same time.

4. Take a walk around Cabo de Palos

Cabo de Palos is one of the best-known villages on the Mar Menor. It is a fishing village that has a particular charm and many places that will make you fall in love, like his port or his lighthouse. Visiting Cabo de Palos it’s a must if you go to the Mar Menor.

5. See La Manga from the Monte Blanco viewpoint

You will find the best view of the entire Mar Menor at this viewpoint, where you can see Cabo de Palos and even a lot of islands of Mar Menor.

6. The islands of the Mar Menor

The Mar Menor has many islands of volcanic origin. Their names are: Perdiguera, Isla del Ciervo, Isla del Barón, Isla Redonda, Isla Sujeto and two minor islands.

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They are protected islands, so you can´t have access to them, but you can enjoy the beautiful views they offer.

7. Gastronomy of the Mar Menor

The Gastronomy is something that you cannot miss. The Mar Menor has a large number of dishes that will drive you crazy. We recommend the Spanish rice with Murcian vegetables and the seafood, but what you can´t miss under any circumstances is the caldero, the specialty of the house.

8. Street art of Los Alcázares

Los Alcázares is a municipality in the Mar Menor where urban art has been encouraged and supported by the town hall. There are hundreds of paintings made by Spanish and international artists.

The most common is to do a bicycle route that allows you to visit the artistic works of the Alcázares, which will surely make you fall in love.

9. Take a bath on your favourite beaches

The Mar Menor has a wide variety of quiet beaches where you can take a walk, go with your children’s, do water activities, etc.

There are protected beaches, such as the Hita beach, Calblanque beach, Las Amoladeras … just choose the one you like, all of them are beautiful.

10. Mud bath

Mud bathing is a very famous activity in the Mar Menor. They are located on La Mota beach and due to the weather conditions of his lagoon and the large amount of salt it has, mud is generated.

You can take a mud and clay bath, whose properties are therapeutic. This is known as “mudtherapy,” and the Mar Menor is one of the largest open-air mudtherapy areas in Europe.