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The Lake uses technology by Crystal Lagoons, a world-leading American company, that creates artificial lakes.

Crystal Lagoons’ water treatment allows up to 100 times fewer chemicals to be used than conventional systems.

It consumes only 2% of the energy needed by traditional swimming pool filtration systems.

And it uses 30 times less water than a golf course.

We use the most efficient technology known to date.
•You will receive a certificate with all the information about your tree, including its exact location.

• We’ll let you know when we are planting it, in case you’d like to be part of the occasion.

• We will tell you about other measures to take care of nature.
We all want cleaner air: Let’s plant a forest
Trees are a natural filter for air pollution, sequestering CO2 and transforming it into oxygen.

Their branches and foliage create shade and retain moisture, keeping the atmosphere cooler.

Planting trees purifies the air, protects the soil, and creates a more pleasant environment.

There’s no better way to start living in Santa Rosalía, than reducing our carbon footprint and breathing cleaner air. We will plant a tree for each of our customers. As a resident of the resort.
Sustainability area
Santa Rosalía is planted with native Mediterranean vegetation selected for its beauty and low water consumption.

Careful landscaping blends planted areas with areas of artificial grass, natural and volcanic stone, gravel, sand, etc. for sustainable maintenance.
ISO 14001
Integrated Environmental Management System, evidence the commitment made by José Díaz García S.A. to protect the environment by managing the environmental risks associated with its operations.

This standard identifies requirements for effective risk management, including environmental prevention and protection, legal comp liance, and socio-economic needs.
LED lighting is installed throughout the resort, controlled with solar timers and low energy consumption.

Homes are installed with the latest energy efficiency features specified in the technical building code with state-of-theart architectural design, insulation, and aerothermal water heaters among other innovations.

As well as fitting water consumption reducing mechanisms in taps, José Díaz García S.A., installs LED lighting and has a portfolio of suppliers that work in compliance with ISO 14001.

Energy efficiency does more than save money. It is a vital measure to help to save our planet.
Santa Rosalía has a waste separating system for collecting paper and cardboard, packaging and plastic, glass, and other types of waste.

Little things mean a lot when it comes to changing the world. In our sales office we use cardboard cups and are careful to keep paper consumption down and to recycle. This policy is particularly important at the Beach Club.
The Lake stores desalinated water for recreational use. In addition, it is responsible for filling the northern lake to up to 70% of its capacity.

The remaining 30% is filled with brackish water from the regional irrigation channel that is rescued with a high amount of nutrients.

The mixture of both waters is used to cover the water needs of La Reserva by means of a drip irrigation system, which guarantees the precise and efficient use of water.

Many of the nutrients recovered are consumed by the trees and other plant species on the resort, removed from the water cycle.

Both lakes function as urban sustainable drainage systems (USDS) by collecting rainwater for reuse. The Lake also partly offsets water evaporation.